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The Soldier-Statesmen is more than an organization. It is an ideal.

Since the dawn of human history, there have always been champions of human dignity, freedom, enlightened leadership and the rule of law.  From the ancient states of Sparta and Athens, to the Middle Ages and Renaissance, to America's "Greatest Generation," a distinctive assemblage of citizens have served their fellow man by committing to the purposeful mission of providing a lifetime of devoted service through examples of unwavering duty, courage, chivalry, sacrifice and selflessness.  Soldier-Statesmen aspire to uphold these same virtues and leadership in today's world.

No one prays for peace more than the soldier and no one understands the value of democratic ideals, esprit de corps and ethical stewardship more than the military veteran.  Such citizens had a monumental impact on this nation’s founding and have been integral in preserving the American ideal throughout periods of marked global change.

Soldier-Statesmen exist in every sector of society, leading by example while others lead by self-promotion and excess.  Having once answered the call to duty to protect and defend this great nation, they now help preserve our moral fiber and national identity, while having a tremendous effect on our corporate, governmental, social and political landscape. While scandal and disgrace embroil and ensnare those driven by expediency, comfort, self-gratification and singular focus on increasing their own station at the consequence of others, Soldier-Statesmen are purveyors of discipline, wisdom, selfless service and sense of community.

Soldier-Statesmen have a clear understanding of the bedrock values shared by our Founding Fathers and forged in our nation’s Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Many among our ranks were inculcated with the knowledge that freedom truly is not free by our fathers or grandfathers who served in World War II and fought a global war against tyranny and oppression.  We, like those who came before, believe that freedom and liberty are bestowed by our Creator.

Those selected for membership embody the highest traditions of military service and civilian leadership among our citizenry.  For these men and women, their service did not end upon completion of their military duty.  Instead, it only served as a beginning of a different sort of commitment to community and country that will guide them for the rest of their lives.  Soldier-Statesmen have demonstrated moral fortitude, perspicacity and courtliness that comport with a steadfast desire to consistently choose the path of decency, honesty and goodness.  Simply, they are committed vanguards of all that is virtuous. 

The Soldier-Statesmen have each shared the great honor of having been a soldier, sailor, airman, marine, or coast guardsman; and now, in the footsteps of powerful tradition, longstanding nobility and worthy sacrifice, they seek to exemplify the true meaning of patriotism and altruism through their daily living and leadership with a warrior spirit and a servant’s heart.

Thomas J. Ratcliff

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